Can I trouble you for a prayer?

Honestly, I am floored by how quickly the days are moving.

I have so much to tell you, and little time – but I would bet you are also trying to figure out summer with kids, driving people around, dealing with your garden, and trying to keep first things first.

I love this, with regard to that:

First, Lauren Daigle

And this time next week, Boot Camp will be over, and we’ll bask in the glory sightings.

So because I haven’t been consistent with the new dare series, I wanted to apologize. I am working on the next one – and I hope to have it up this week, even with The Big Retreat for our facilitators coming up on Thursday. So please forgive me for not having it done yet.

I think we all go through those passages between this Now and the coming Then where the meantime is such a MEAN TIME.  Without giving glory to the wrong one, I will tell you it is by His grace we’re still moving forward. And I and my entire team have been having a MEAN TIME.

I know He means it for good.

I am thankful we’ve not been devoured.

But we do need prayer coverage. Can I ask you for that? I’d list all the things we’re all struggling with, but I don’t want to share His glory with that other guy. Suffice it to say that we are a thankful group, persevering, and praying. Will you join us?

I confess I don’t fully understand prayer, but who does? Oh. He does. 🙂 Of course. I believe sometimes He doesn’t do things until we pray, sometimes unless we pray, and sometimes He does things no matter what we pray.

cowgirl not alone

But I believe in the power of prayer – and if anything you’ve found here has ever been of help, know it’s Him, and we now need your help.  Will you please pray?

Protection, health, perseverance, time expansion, courage, technology, safety, for us, our families, and those we minister to.

A dear friend of mine likes to say God’s never late, but He’s also seldom if ever early!

Thank you!  Love to you… and know I can’t wait to give you the next dare.


Father God, by Your grace, cover us. Lord, have mercy on our souls, keep us from fear, let us only hear Your great Truth and nothing from the enemy. Keep lies and destruction far from us. Protect our finances, protect our relationships. We pray for unity, compassion, help, wisdom, and discernment as we move forward in this great work You’ve given us to do – and it is all for You Lord.

We love you. We are thankful for you. Even in the dark we thank You for the light of Jesus. May we shine His and Your great love onto others. Protect our earthly bodies, Lord. Heal us from all the emotional and physical and mental difficulties, God.

We praise You, Oh Lord. It’s in Jesus’ name we pray, amen and amen.

titus 2 women leadership

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19 thoughts on “Can I trouble you for a prayer?

  1. Dear Lord and our most loving Father God, how your heart must swell with love and joy when you see your daughters encouraging, helping, nurturing and lifting each other up in your name. May women feel your smile upon them this weekend, as they praise and worship you may you inhabit those praises, draw near to the broken hearted, bind up those wounds of resentment, bitterness and loneliness, breathe new life and love into their hearts, a love for you, a love for their husbands and grace for theirselves. Cover Nina and the team, protect, bless and anoint them to be your hands and feet, voice and heart. In Jesus Name, amen

    Ps I’d love to come one day

  2. I prayed for you all this morning, for protection and encouragement and general God working amazingness.

  3. Father God,
    Thank you that You go before us. Thank you that you are with us. You are Great and You are Good. We lift our hearts to you…and with the Psalmist’s words, we ask that you satisfy us in the morning with your love. We worship you as the Prince of Peace . . . and we choose to receive Your peace. Thank you that you are not surprised or unsettled by anything that we are facing this week, or anything that happened last week. You have provision for each circumstance.
    We look to You for strength for each day. Lord, may you be glorified as you build Your Kingdom through this ministry . . . and through each of us. We are dependent upon You. You are greater that he who is in the world and we place our trust in You.
    In the name of our Lord Jesus,

  4. Lord Jesus – Thank you for your majesty and your perfect plan….For going before each of us to make our path straight. Lord, you know that difference that this RD has been to me and to those who are walking this journey with me. It is a step out of the boat and onto the water – and you, Lord, we know, will never fail us in our faith. Keep us safe. Provide what we need. Show us your way. Protect us from the Evil One. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  5. Lord I pray your word touches each woman at Boot Camp in the way she needs to hear it. I pray that all will have safe travels there and back home and that each person will feel a renewed strength and desire to spread your love. Amen

  6. Lord,
    I thank you for this ministry. Thank you for the work that they do to help women grow closer to you. I ask that you put a hedge of protection around each of them. I ask that you give them a special measure of your grace and peace Thank you that you are in control of all things. We know that you will work all things for good in each of these situations. I pray for the Boot Camp this weekend and may it be a special time of fellowship and may everyone’s hearts be open to what you want to teach them.
    In Your name I pray,

  7. Father God this morning I bring you the whole Boot camp staff , campers , every person that will be involved… Thank you for being Present this wknd. , for meeting the needs… In every way. For the amazing Truths that have been poured out to us from You , thru this ministry!!! Bless the speakers w health , Peace ,direction and protection.. Spiritually, physically and mentally. We ask that the hearts here would be soft, pliable an completely transformed thru Your Power and Spirit. We thank you in advance .. We love you and give You ALL the Glory…in Jesus name. Amen.

  8. Lord, I pray for your wisdom and coverage as leaders prepare for Boot Camp. I pray you guide them in every detail so your purpose is fulfilled this weekend.

    I pray you open the hearts and guard the minds of everyone in attendance, that each heart is filled with purpose and gives no way to fear. I pray for your protection as each one travels and trust you are overseeing every aspect of this weekend. Let this be a time for growth, community, and purpose.

    In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  9. Lord God, —I have nothing to offer you but I beg you, please, may the darkness be broken into by inescapable light from You. I hold up everyone*** down to the last person involved in the Boot Camps and involved in the Greater Impact organization. Lord, I pray for them that they may have a singleness of heart, an undistracted mind for You. . . . Lord, You are our rock, our fortress, our shield, our comfort, our peace, our salvation, our refuge. . . .Lord, let them all operate only from that place of spiritual power (unseen power: Psalm 17:15-style). Lord, in this vast spiritual battle, we will not succeed without your Holy Spirit as our advisor. . . Lord, —in our flesh, there is no route out of this maze because Satan and his archons are constantly re-strategizing and they seek only to destroy us all. Lord, we stand in the gap for all these and our spouses and we know that allowing You to flow through our lives makes us a target for the god of this world or any one of his archons (his “angels” 2 Peter 2:4, 9). That is extremely upsetting to us but drives us back to dependence on You. Lord, we take your hand and surrender to your real Love, your real Life, to you Christ!
    —And Lord let us all —one day— awake, forever, in the likeness of You.

    ***I pray for each of you individually, each morning but I didn’t want to list every name here!

  10. Hey, I have been thinking of you guys pretty often, and because I couldn”t make your wonderful event and i knew it was towards the end of June… I have been praying already!! God’s Glory will be poured out in love on all of you dear sistas!!
    So looking forward to the stories…. 🙂 And meanwhile, (ummmhmmm) we Trust for glory and for JOY!
    Love, Leah

  11. Dear Greater Impact Team,

    I am looking forward to sharing the weekend with you at Boot Camp. Please stay in peace as you plan for our arrival and remember the Holy Spirit will make all things perfection, as always. He is the supreme “Helpmate.” So, don’t sweat the small stuff because I promise not to notice any of that. What I will notice is the outpouring of love and kindness that will flow from your hearts. May each and every daughter’s journey to boot camp be filled with blessings from our dear Lord. He will surround us with his angels “lest we dash our foot against a stone.” Thank you Sweet Jesus for raising us up, picking us up, and loving us like no other. AND thank you Nina and team for planning the most awesome boot camp event!!! Just wait and see what God has planned for us… Do we DARE to imagine? Peace be with you all. See you soon…

  12. Dear Father, Creator, we praise You for your Sovereign Control of ALL things. Right now there are lots of loose ends and frantic rushing to finish preparing. Protect your servants who are following your commands as they plan. Give them that hear your thots and plans this week. Help them to know the real battle and depend on your victory to bring the victories you desire in each heart and mind this week. We keep our eyes upon you and cry out for your loving help in Jesus name AMEN.

  13. Father God I thank you for the place you have provided for us for Boot Camp. I thank you that it is so full of nature and Your goodness. I ask right now that you would go before us to bless and prepare every inch of the facility and grounds that we will be using for Boot Camp. Be with each and every lady as she travels to Boot Camp – bless with pilots and the drivers on the road. Father God we have so much to be thankful for and help us all to remember that! In Your Son’s precious name. Amen

  14. Father in Heaven I lay at the foot of Your cross the leaders and the ones of us being taught at boot camp this week! Please protect us from the fear that creeps in and the lies that satan tries to tell us, maybe about ourselves or about the boot camp or about what we are feeling led to do going forward! Thank you Father for the opportunity to have Your Word poured into our hearts! And the wisdom You have given this wonderful group of ladies!! Your word says that where two or three are gathered together in Your name, that you will be there with us! Thank you for that promise God! Help all of us that are being taught to come with open hearts and minds so that Your best will be accomplished!!!! Be with our families that we leave behind this week, help our husbands have the strength it takes to take care of our children! Give them strength…grace…and mercy! Help our children be blessed by what we learn and help us implement it into their lives! Be specifically with The Greater Impact Ministries team and anyone else that will be sharing the truth of Your word that it would be established!
    In Jesus Name -amen

  15. Father God, please come close to all attending Boot Camp and all who are helping to bring it about! Protect us from fears and the lies of the enemy. Put a hedge of protection around each woman and their family. Bless us with Your love and faithfulness this week. Give us strength to make it through whatever might be going in our lives and prepare our hearts to encounter you this next weekend. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!

    • Lisa,

      Thank you for the prayers. I sure wish you were going to be there. I have learned soooooo much from your teaching in Daughters of Sarah on video. God bless you for blessing us.

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