Can I trouble you to please pray?

Friends, I humbly come to you today asking for prayer.

My computer is toast and my new one arrives in a few weeks – in the mean time, I am using my son’s Chromebook – it’s covered with graffiti art – and it has no storage.

At least I have internet.

What this means is that the next step in our journey may take a bit of time for me to put up – I’m slow with this new keyboard, and unfamiliar with the commands that make life easier on the little thing.

I thought I would have it done for today, but between Mother’s day and the garden and this tiny computer… well, I’m so sorry. 🙁

This is also a BIG week for us – we’re finishing the pages that will make all of Daughters of Sarah on Video available to the world – kitted without having to print 100 little cards, cut them all, assemble them, plus print the vision and character cards… and I love what He’s teaching us in the meantime. I love love LOVE how His truth is always true, regardless – I love how science supports His Word… 🙂

It’s so humbling to see the elements in the class (all of which are grounded in verses in the Bible) are supported by scientific research now. 🙂 

Don’t you think it’s so cool when science supports God’s truth? I don’t mean that it validates it, because it was true before hand – but if something is true, it is just true, and others will discover it. 🙂

And you’ll see more of these things in the journey we’re taking together – I’m really excited about the next step He has for us – but could I trouble you for prayer in the mean time?

All of these things are labor-intensive for our team – and we’re doing our best, and we trust His timing, but we’re so excited about what He is about to do for fall studies! 100% of the pilots for Daughters got RAVE reviews AND so did the classes outside of the pilots – the people that literally hunted the course down and figured out how to do it without contacting us til it was over for them and their women!!!

We’re just thankful this morning – but we also see a huge opportunity for prayer. Will you join us in that today?

I will confess to you, I’m having a hard time being patient! We’ve been working toward this since 2006. At first, I didn’t believe it could be done AT ALL – and now, I can hardly see straight with excitement! SO SO so many things we were told “couldn’t be done” just HAPPENED miraculously – and we’re here, at this place, so very close and ready to go. 🙂

So of course we have computer issues. So of course there will be yet another delay. 🙂

And in the meantime, we will just pray, continue doing the next thing, and give Him glory for it all. 🙂 I can’t believe how many women we have registered for Boot Camp – and how many keep signing up to come. If you are AT ALL interested in leading Daughters or Respect Dare this fall, I hope you will consider coming. It’s leadership training that can forever change the way you do any study. 🙂 (and yeah, our method is supported by research! 🙂 )

You might be feeling led to come – don’t be scared if you are – He has a plan – and the weekend will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself, your marriage, and the women you feel called to lead. I personally KNOW how intimidating it can be to accept His calling to be a Titus 2 woman and lead others. Just say, “Send me, I’ll go,” and trust Him with the rest. 🙂

Love to you,


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8 thoughts on “Can I trouble you to please pray?

    • RE: How do I deal with the death of my 13 year old daughter?

      —Oh Jennifer, I am so, so sorry and I will be praying for you, everyday. E-mail me if you think I can ever help you in any way and I will try: I have never dealt with something that horrific. I can cry with you and tell you only that when everything comes apart these are the only words to God I have: You know why Lord, —You know! . . .God knows why He takes us along these paths. We do not because it just looks so, so wrong. Keep seeking God. It all comes down to faith. It is always and everywhere the faith moment. . . . .He loves you, you have the greatest value. He gave His life for all you’re worth (see Matthew 10:31). Please take care of yourself and, if and when you can, think on the things that will bring you peace: Proverbs 23:7, 1 Peter 1:13, Philippians 4:8, 2 Corinthians 10:5. . . . .I am seriously praying for you!

    • Jennifer. Oh, Jennifer. I’m so sorry. How do you deal with it? Eyes-wet-heart-broken-can’t sleep eat anything – clinging to Him by your fingernails-style.

      This is the worst pain of all pains, I believe. And I’m so sorry I’ve been so caught up in my own things that I’m just now seeing this. Your words bring compassion, tears, and heartache from this mom to you.

      Nothing prepares you for the Now you are in.

      Hearing “God loves you,” and “He has a plan” from well-intentioned friends didn’t help when my dad died. I don’t pretend to comprehend what you are going through, I only know my own losses and am thinking of my own 13 year old daughter upstairs asleep and my heart cracks in half thinking of your daughter’s bed being empty.

      As are your arms.

      And you wonder, maybe, how God is good in this Now.

      And I can tell you that you can scream and sob and be angry and He can handle it.

      I am praying for you, baby. And I’m sorry beyond words. I’m so so sorry. How do you deal with it? The only way you can – one Now to the next, and keep taking the next breath, doing just the next thing.

      Love to you,

  1. Praying! I am going through the Daughters of Sarah course on my own right now and plan to lead a group in the fall.

    • Elizabeth, how exciting! I’m in the ministry with Nina. If you have any questions as you are going through the course, feel free to contact us through our website. We’ll connect you with someone who’s experienced in running the class.

  2. Some day I would love to be able to come to BOOT CAMP. Its just not in the cards for me right now

  3. Praying for you every day and will continue even when things get better!!! . . . .You know what? There is so much wonderful content already on this site that it is good to have periods of time to explore it!!! I was reading last night: What I Wish Women Knew about The Respect Dare…July 2013. . . . and the link: The Respect Dare, Day 18 —A Guest Post from Nina Roesner!!!!!!!, just wonderful! —Endless things to learn. I’m so impressed with the Lord God when I see what He has done in and through your life. . . .If you ever start to think you haven’t made an impact, just consider what the Lord has done through you in the life of April Cassidy. —Wow, talk about an impact (RE: Greater Impact), —that is just staggering. You cannot obey God without your obedience spilling out in blessings to all those around you. Look how your obedience has blessed the lives of so many people! —And I realize none of us will ever be anything more than what Christ makes us and that there are no great women or men of God. . . just weak, sinful women and men of a totally GREAT and absolutely merciful, AWESOME God!!!

    • Thank you, Rebecca! 🙂 I love what God has done with April’s work – and what He’s about to do! 🙂 And yes, I am as weak and sinful as they come – and He IS amazing. 🙂 I know you know!

      Your words bless me today. 🙂 Thank you.

      So glad you are here!
      Love to you,

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