What You Want … 2014 Reader Survey Results

We have the 2014 Reader Survey Results! And, if you keep reading til the end, you’ll find a free copy of the Small Group Leader Guide for The Respect Dare (Thomas Nelson, 2012) AND an opportunity for YOU! 🙂

In an effort to make sure I’m loving you the way you want to be loved here on the blog and provide you with the information you want, we do surveys every so often.  In late August and early November of 2014 we did one and learned these things:

  • 79% of you are subscribed to the marriage TIPS! articles and over 80% of you find them helpful
  • 64% of you were subscribed (now you can get the blog through the TIPS! signup, too! – feel free to unsubscribe from ninaroesner.com here so you aren’t getting two emails from us if you don’t want them – you’ll still get the TIPS! and the blog via email)
  • 29% of you were not subscribed but wanted to be (so we made the TIPS! easier to sign up for by putting it on the blog, a link at the bottom of emails, and are adding it to the GreaterImpact.org site so it is easier)
  • 53% of you have shared the TIPS! articles with others (AWESOME – you are living out Titus 2:3-5, which encourages us to mentor other women! I LOVE doing ministry with you in this way!)
  • 46% of you either didn’t know how to share them, or it didn’t occur to you to do so – we’ve added an easier way to do that to the blog, and are working on doing the same thing with the TIPS! articles.

THANK YOU for this info – it’s impacting things as we continue to grow and move forward. 🙂

YOU ARE AWESOME! I love love love it when people give me feedback that is helpful – especially when it is done in a respectful and kind way – and…

100% of our responders were respectful and kind! 🙂

0% of you were snarky or sarcastic.

Best of all? You still dished truth, which makes you a good girlfriend! Because… if you let me wander around with my skirt tucked in my tights, spinach in my teeth, or toilet paper on my heel, well, you’re not so awesome at the friend thing. 🙂

Here’s a few more things we learned through the survey:

  • 71% of you have read The Respect Dare
  • 29% of you have taken the eCourse (yes, we’ll have another SOON – please pray we get the website fixed by next week!)
  • 16% of you have done The Respect Dare in a small group (forgot to ask if you used the leader’s guide or not – Here it is for free)
  • 5% have done The Respect Dare in a small group with the casual videos
  • 18% of you applied for the 50 Member Launch Team for Daughters of Sarah (forgot to ask how many of you have taken it!) and just an FYI, we’ve delayed the launch because of my husband’s open heart surgery in December – he’s still recovering, but thank you for your prayers as he’s getting stronger every day, AND… his eyesight is improving! Praise God! 🙂
  • 6% of you have attended one of my speaking events or retreats (given that I will only leave my family for 4-6 weekends a year, that’s not a surprising number!)
  • You gave us a ton of requests for specific topics to cover (working on that, too!)

And I just could cry with how much I personally appreciate your patience with Daughters of Sarah release – we have about 20 small  groups of the class going on around the country at the moment, women who are willing to work with the clunky way it is now with lots of labor for them in terms of downloading, printing, and assembling. But don’t worry, the “easy” way to use it is coming – so please keep praying for our website rehab! It’s on the way! I shared the “clunky” link with you because I can’t wait for you to see the difference! And you’ll notice I “hid” it on the “method” page.  LOL!!

Until then, know this is what you have to  look forward to:

I have had so many A-Ha’s. No matter how young or old you are, no matter how good or troubled your marriage is, no matter how many years you have been married, no matter if you are a Christian or not, no matter what if you are married Daughters of Sarah has something for you!!

Why do I say what I did? Well – because I’ve seen someone married over 45 years learn, grow, and become more respectful to her husband. I have seen someone with – what I thought was a “Perfect” marriage and life – share the tough stuff. I have seen the “timid” speak up. I have seen respect and love just blossom. O – and I have heard it said that one of the MOST important things learned was that “Even if I were the only one, Christ would have died just for me“. O – the joy that brings to my soul.







Stefanie Price ~ Daughters of Sarah & Respect Dare Facilitator

Xenia, Ohio


Daughters of Sarah Trailer Video

get ready daughters coming

OH! And the opportunity for YOU?

Everyone who is part of our team is someone God has placed. People literally come to us and say, “I feel like God wants me to be involved in Greater Impact,” or “I led The Respect Dare (or Daughters) and want to do more to mentor women – how do I get involved?” Here’s the truth – we’re still figuring out the shape of our ministry – and He’s designing it, bit-by-bit-style.

So we’re listening.

What that means for you is this: We KNOW we need more help, specifically in the area of “administration” and “communication.” We have paperwork galore, emails up the wazoo, (suddenly I feel like I’m Dr. Seuss!) and families and we fully believe there’s someone out there who feels called to join us but doesn’t know how. We also need prayer warriors – especially widows. 🙂  If you think He’s calling you, please please PLEASE let us know here! 

What else? What is your favorite topic that gets addressed here? What do you wish we would cover more of? Would love to hear from you today! 🙂

SO glad you’re on the journey with me. 🙂

Love to you!


titus 2 women leadership

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7 thoughts on “What You Want … 2014 Reader Survey Results

  1. Wow! I am almost in shock. The last few days I have been listening to the same session of PUTTING YOUR BROKEN WORLD BACK TOGETHER. The move I want to make as they taught was moving from “why” to “what” in my life so I have been praying specifically “What am suppose to be learning? What am I supposed to do with all I am experiencing?” In fact that is exactly what I prayed this morning at 6:20 as I was laying next to my husband of 31 years, holding his arm as he slept.
    After getting up I was checking my emails and found the RESPECT DARE book overed in my inspired reads email. I went to Amazon and clicked on the “see” inside button and began reading it. I am a book junky so I am trying to choose carefully what I purchase. But I knew this one was for me even as I was hearing that little voice say ” you have tried all this. Things are not going to change.” I clicked”by with one click” confident but shaking.
    Then I decided to go to the website. I started reading and caught the word Cincinnati. I jumped! Could this be Ohio?????? I have been praying for God to bring some women alongside who understand my broken dreams but who would hold me accountable to being a godly wife. Then I read one of Nina’s blog. There at the bottom was the encouraging note signed by Stephanie with the word Xenia under it!!!!! I live in Cedarville, Ohio and I know I am not the only one struggling here. I am jumping up and down inside right now. Dancing for joy at a specific answer. You are close. I have been asking for a group like this and just from the small amount of reading I have done and the voice of pride that says “it’s his turn to change”, I know I have much to learn.
    I would love to connect with Stephanie and learn more about this group, enter as a student and maybe graduate as Sister to help others. Can I please hear back from someone to see if it is possible to meet with her? Thanks, Kathy

    • Kathy
      I am so excited that you have found The Respect Dare! Check your email for a note. We will connect this week for sure.

  2. So glad your husband’s eyesight is getting better.
    Nina, you are such a blessing and inspiration to me, and I am sure countless other women. If I can even influence one woman the way my life has been changed I would call that a win for me. I know if I had not found your book and blog, I would be divorced.

    • Tiffanie – My Jesus must be showing, because I assure you I am quite a mess without Him… and even with Him, my heart, the heart of man, is as dark as they come. 🙂 I know you know, girlfriend. It IS a win for you, and I trust that we are born with purpose, to shine His light to a dark world. 🙂 Glad you are here, glad you are still married! 🙂
      Love to you!

  3. This is all exciting stuff! And PTL about your husband’s recovery! I would like to hear more about marriage recovery after adultery, addiction, emotional abuse, etc. I got about halfway through The Respect Dare, but now my motivation is completely gone. And I dont know how to begin rebuilding my marriage (and allowing my husband into the rebuilding process). I’m the type who needs to hear practical how-tos in order to “get” the lesson. Thank you!

    • Smittie –
      PTL indeed! 🙂 So sorry about your motivation, I understand. UGH. Horrible place to be. And you can’t rebuild your marriage. You don’t want to. You want a NEW one – one where Christ is the center – whether your husband is following or not. Hang in there, lovely, keep leaning on Him, you will get there, and your husband may, too, but not on our time, but God’s.

      I hate that part sometimes.

      Love to you!

      • Everything you write is so very helpful. You have taught us over the years so effectively how to motivate our husbands to love us. –We are sooo dialed-in! We can easily teach it now. -But my favorite topic that now gets addressed here? I just love the real, live, raw stuff of a seriously deeper, closer relationship with the Lord Jesus. Teach us spiritual warfare. How, practically, can we be armed and dangerous. Teach us holiness and practical separation from even small sin and real separation unto God. How do we get to the top of the Enemy’s most wanted list? More Christ-centered and less self-centered. Teach us how to know if we are truly serving God or just serving ourselves.

        What do you wish we would cover more of? Sharing our faith with others and family members. Teach us how to pray them into the Kingdom of God and teach us to answer their tough questions.

        What would you love to hear about? Tell us the Gospel of Jesus Christ, now and then. Him as a real, living, mighty Savior. Teach us repentance and some Soteriology! (I would also love to hear how you and others had your hearts regenerated by the Lord.)

        I have found that if I want to follow Jesus because He’ll fix my marriage, if I want to follow Jesus because He’ll give me a better life, that’s just idolatry. Follow Christ for the sake of Christ; He is THAT worthy. . . . . Better is one day in Your courts; Better is one day in Your house; Better is one day in Your courts. . . .than thousands elsewhere. –He’ll fix your marriage too, by the way.

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