What’s Going on With Daughters of Sarah?

In the middle of a challenging week waiting on doctors to return phone calls and too many things to do, I still have this labor of love to talk about, to answer the question, “What’s going on with Daughters of Sarah?”

A lot is going on. 7 years of hard work has been going on… with God leading, directing, moving us forward (sometimes 3-steps-forward-2-steps-back-style) and now we’re finally HERE. There’s a launch team. And if you want to apply, you can do so through November 18. 🙂 #excited!  Spots on the launch team are limited, so if you are interested, don’t wait.

This is a weird blog post for me. If I weren’t so emotional right now, I’d probably be better organized about it. I hope it doesn’t feel like a cognitive dump to you. 🙁 Patience appreciated.

So here’s what’s going on…

At God’s leading, I left my corporate training job that I spent 15 years in and loved so very much to start Greater Impact. We began with Daughters of Sarah, and after the first class, people started asking for it to be done on video – it was so different, it had to get “out there.” I was completely at a loss as to how to even do that, and since I’m a slow learner, it took me 7 years to understand what God wanted. Here’s the video that talks about that (and our epic failure when we first tried it on video!) and what has happened to the class now that it’s in Beta:

We also have a “trailer” for the class that captures things women have said about it:

And next week, I’ll be sharing some video testimonies.

In the meantime (and it’s a mean time right now… prayers appreciated) I’m just trying to get through the next thing and stop crying all the time.

Gosh. Seriously.

It’s not menopause (although I’m also dealing with that) but instead it’s fear fighting.

Am working on a post about dealing with that for tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I have way too much experience right now.

Thankful you are on the journey with me. I don’t feel alone. And THANK YOU for that. Praise God for that – hopefully you feel our sense of community here, too. 🙂 It’s legit, don’t you think?

The best part? Hunkering down with everyone in the trenches, then conquering the next battle. Together.

OH. I almost forgot – we have a survey about the TIPS! Articles from the Daughters of Sarah and Respect Dare class members (if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here).

This is one of my favorite comments so far, because it’s also why I write! LOL –

I appreciate receiving the tidbits via email, because it keeps your ministry, and the idea of respecting my husband, REGARDLESS, in the forefront of my mind.

(Just to clarify, it’s not my ministry, it’s His, and I’m just trying to be a good steward of it – I know that she probably meant that, too. :))

Anyway,  you can do the survey here if you’re already subscribed: SURVEY

So far we’ve heard from over 100 people – and I’ll share the results with you when I have them. I will probably keep it open until the weekend.

I’m really excited – received word yesterday from Shaunti Feldhahn that her publisher was totally cool with us sharing multiple direct quotes from her books in our support materials for Daughters.

THIS IS HUGE. 🙂 Join me in praising Him? Sheila Wray-Gregoire also gave us permission – we’re pretty stoked. 🙂

I know, it’s a lot on one blog post, and I’m sorry for that today. Pick and choose as you have time and know you are precious to me and to Him. 🙂

Love to you,






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4 thoughts on “What’s Going on With Daughters of Sarah?

  1. So sad I missed the launch date of Nov. 18….. had a big family wedding weekend and got the stomach flu on return….. started to feel slightly human earlier in the day on the 20th of November. Nevertheless, I am still on board as a sister married 32 years, with 5 kids, and first granddaughter born 3 months ago, on my birthday(!!!!)- I can still hardly believe that I am a grandma, but I am absolutely loving this enigma.
    Anyway, I briefed you on my history and current status, to say that I am heart connected with this ministry!! I love the point of it first being a call for women to grow closer with passion for God, then seeing what that looks like in our relationship with our men and families. Awesome.
    So I missed the application cut off date, yet I am still thrilled to be a help any way I can…
    Praying for this ministry. It’s funny; I tell every woman about this blog and Daughter’s of Sarah, and I don’t know many that are catching the fire, until the pain begins….. I was going through your book, The Respect Dare, in a one on one format with my honorary niece, and unfortunately, I think she is giving up in her marriage already…. 7 years, 3 kids later. He says he has no love for her and it was all wrong from the beginning; she is tired of trying to win him even after making many of her own mistakes… I am still praying for the willingness in them to just let the past go and start new. Yet, how do we deal with deep emotional scarring? I read in the comments section, about some ladies being scorched by their guys (oy, and I would complain to my guy about his tone???- yet, that can be a thing too! Sometimes to let go and sometimes to tell how a tone can make me feel….)
    I think you can tell that this issue of marriage and healing is close to my heart. Thanks for starting and continuing with this work. It is needed; and to have this community via the internet is amazing!!
    Much Love and Appreciation!

  2. Praying for you! Praise God for the good news about the authors’ permission to use quotes! Thank you for all you do and for letting God use you in mighty ways. Remember 1 chronicles and how the army was outnumbered and yet said, for we know not what to do but we keep our eyes on you. Hugs.

  3. Nina:
    I understand the “fear”. I think (if we are really honest with ourselves), we all have it in varying degrees. Sometimes, all we can do is “breathe” for the next minute and ask for help from GOD. It’s not easy “in the trenches”.

  4. Before reading this, I was thinking about timing. God’s timing. In my perspective, he seems to move slow, so I go back to trust. It’s nice to hear you say “7 years!” (we are not getting any younger)
    But I listened to you and believe there is a message for me. Yes, it takes time and we must fight the enemy…
    He calls, then there is the working out, all the while growing stronger in faith.
    Praying for you, your husband and ministry

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