Weekend Round Up… Respect Dare Style

Every time I write “Round Up” I think of horses.


But this post has nothing to do with them. 

It’s a just a quick synopsis of what happened in our little corner of cyber-space, as we traveled through Dare 4 of The Respect Dare.

Before I forget, you only have a few hours to take part in this awesome giveaway for mothers of little people.

And I discovered that the folks over at Fighting for Marriage are mad at me.

I’m okay with that. 🙂 It’s all good.

I really liked this post from SheDaresToVoice.com. I admire brave women.

Leah had some interesting thoughts about how the vision statement was written here.

And Debbie wrote to parents of tweens and teens and twenty-somethings.  As the parent of an 18 year-old, I learned a few things.  And I have a 12 year-old and a 15 year-old, so I got to revisit some ideas with them, too.

And an interesting question was posed by Kyle Hargrave on his blog about chivalry being dead. Given that it has a graphic of a guy dragging a girl by her hair, you’ll probably want to check it out.

If you want to see how YOUR vision statement compares to another gal’s you can check this one out, too.  I really liked the part about how she was struggling with being considered a sex blogger, but she’s doing what she feels called to do, so who can argue with that?

Song of Six had a neat prayer and a few links that included “What to expect when you’re respecting,” which I thought was awesome.

And honestly, I really liked what God handed me on Friday morning. It’s practical, and we run some exercises on it in Daughters of Sarah. Who couldn’t use a few things you can actually DO to improve your marriage?

At any rate, be sure to get in on Leah’s giveaway! It ends tonight.

See you tomorrow with Dare 5.

Saddle up! 🙂

Love to you,




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2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up… Respect Dare Style

  1. what do i do or pray if husband of 26 years wants a divorce? we have been seperated over 2 years. i have done respect dare and love dare and continue to love him and use what i have learned. i feel like im going against what the world is telling me to take care of myself and try to do what God tells me in the bible to stay with my husband. but this is no marriage if we arent together and im the only one loving. thanks

    • And yes, please pray for God’s intervention, for God to heal you both, for His will. We’re praying that also.

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