Weekend Round Up for Respect …

It’s Saturday night.
I’m blogging.
Jim’s getting ready to pay taxes. Obviously it’s not date night. But we had an awesome day celebrating with our Eagle Scout and family, and hundreds of other parents as their boys had their Eagle Court of Honor. #Privileged.
eagle court of honor
I feel strongly about men being encouraged to be men. Boy Scouts is an amazing organization. It’s helped my husband and sons bond, and I’ve seen my boys develop character through their involvement. I love this. I hope some of their experiences will help them be better fathers and husbands when they are older.  And given that I hate camping, well, it’s really helped with that… 🙂 (and I never had to go…which was one of my favorite parts, along with my husband and I feeding literally 150 Cub Scouts at camp one year. AWESOME!)
But I digress…
As you know, we are blogging our way through The Respect Dare. So each week, Leah,  Debbie, and I will each take up the topic of the dare. 
I also blogged last week on Dad Matters, a Focus on the Family website. Here’s what I wrote to husbands, and here’s what I wrote to dads. 🙂  I really like the KISS photo in the post about husbands…If you ever have photos done, be sure to ask for the kiss photo!! 🙂

I ran across this blog  by a guy named Kyle Hargrove over the week and really enjoyed how he loves on his wife. Yes, he plugged the list I made for husbands to show love to their wives, BUT, he’s an awesome example of a number of things and I appreciated his transparency and awareness of what she deals with.

And we’ll be getting input from some of our favorite bloggers along the way. Grab your copy of the book and join in the journey. Please share with us what you are learning as you go through the dares! You can connect with us on Facebook or through the comments.

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From a military/PTSD wife (trigger alert)

After Divorce

And from a couple of blogging groups that took place last summer…

Peaceful Wife Dare 2

Unbroken Woman Dare 2

At any rate, we’ll be back on Monday for Dare #3. Find some friends – it’s not too late for them to join us! 🙂 All they need to do is subscribe to the blog and link arms for a while.

Glad you are on the journey!

Love to you,


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