Weekend Round Up…

We are blogging our way through The Respect Dare. So each week, Leah,  Debbie, and I will each take up the topic of the dare. 

And we’ll be getting input from some of our favorite bloggers along the way. Grab your copy of the book and join in the journey. Please share with us what you are learning as you go through the dares! You can connect with us on Facebook or through the comments.

So glad you all are here. We have a big week coming up. Please go to the Greater Impact site and be sure to subscribe to the “Marriage Tips” to get updates from the ministry team and The Respect Dare!

Expectations – from a military/PTSD wife

Expectations After Divorce

And from a couple of blogging groups that took place last summer…

Peaceful Wife Dare 1

Unbroken Woman Dare 1


Love to you! So glad you are on the journey with us!  What have you learned this week? Dare you to share what He’s doing in your life!





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One thought on “Weekend Round Up…

  1. One thing I’ve noticed here lately is that when I’m home from work on Saturday, that day doesn’t really belong to me. I’ve been getting frustrated because with it being my day off I have a to do list and he kept asking me to do things for him and with him that crowded my time. I was getting all frustrated because I felt I was losing my day off and my to do list was not getting marked off. Now I realize it’s much easier to drop whatever I am doing and help him (as his helpmeet) because if I don’t due to my long to do list and other priorities I show him disrespect. If I do drop everything and handle his requests the whole atmosphere of the house/my marriage seems pleasant. I have released the expectation that my day off truly belongs to me.

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