You may have heard about “submission” of late in the media. A few weeks ago, I wrote about an author in Italy who is taking a ton of heat for writing about “Get Married and Be Submissive” and here in the states this week, we see this from Hollywood.

Enjoy! We’ll have more on The Respect Dare journey tomorrow! And Monday, we’ll share links to the Family Life Ministries radio show I did with Dennis Rainey.

Dare you to share today about YOUR perception or experience of the word, “submission!”

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  1. mary trybuskiewicz says

    Being submissive to my husband allows me to have an opinion, but I don’t have to be the Boss all the time, or carry all the responsibilities. I have learned over 30 years (!)to trust him and to trust God more. Whats hardest for me is being patient when he doesn’t act right away…I’m a do-er and like to “get-r-done” but he takes his time. Its all good. But ultimately God will hold HIM responsible for our family, not me, so I try to guide and support, not lead and coerce.

  2. tiffanie says

    This culture has warped girls. I grew up in the late 80′s and 90′s. The height of the “Girl Power” movement.. I used to think that being the boss and being a bad A** or a Bi*** was cool and the way to get ahead. My husband when we met thought it was kinda cute the way I talked to other men and put them in their place so to speak.. After years of marriage and him getting the lion’s share of my attitude his feelings have changed.. While he still thinks its kinda cute when he sees tough girls, he does not want this in his wife. He has not said to me EVER, “I want you to change”. But I have learned over the last year to listen to him better and watch his physical reactions to me. What I saw and heard hurts. I have beat down this wonderful man. This past year our marriage has been rocked with lies and infidelity on both sides. We are currently trying to work things out, but he is not in the place with GOd that I am.. He is still very much “in the world”. I pray that God is able to draw him close again. I pray that I can let go of my fear and that Dan will again be the man I once knew who loved me SOOO much.

  3. says

    I think the feminist movement has made being submissive into being walked all over and sadly as Christians very few of us have stepped up to try and change that. I applaud her for stepping out. Many in women who have the fame and clout to take the stance and be heard are the ones fighting for “women’s rights”. As a biblically submissive wife I don’t feel cheated or walked on at all but my voice would never be heard. I also think that there are many men out there who don’t know Christ who use this to abuse women. Sadly those people also get the media attention.