101 Ways to Respect Your Husband…

A few weeks ago (okay, maybe it was months – time flies when you are home schooling…) I told you I would put this list together.

Because sometimes we need a little help… and while I love what’s in The Respect Dare book, sometimes I need a list… a long list of very specific things that help me remember that I don’t want to look like this:

fotolia_1015990I don’t think the list is complete, and yes, I can count, but I view “101” as more of a title than an actual number.

You can see why I drive my engineer husband a little bonkers. 🙂

And so today, I’m sharing the BIG LIST of things we can do – feel free to add some of your ideas at the end. And please know I mean NO offense with any of the language I use. “Let” does not mean to think of your husband as a child requiring your permission, but rather is a common word that can have a number of different meanings.

Also know that I know your husband may be different than mine – these are just suggestions – there’s no formula here.

At any rate, I’m daring you to comment, to share, to DO these things, to model them to your kids (even poorly until you can do this well) in an effort to obey God’s Word. 🙂


John 14:23 says… Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.

So yes… obey God. Even if you’re not “feeling it.” Even if your husband “doesn’t deserve it.”  Guess what? Both you AND him are ALWAYS going to be sinners. SO dish some grace. Respect. Love. Obey God. And if you do, the Trinity will dwell within you.

Which, btw, is stinkin’ awesome. And worth dying for.

And then you’ll be contagious.

So glad you are here.

Here’s the LIST of 101 Ways to Respect Your Husband.

Love to you,


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14 thoughts on “101 Ways to Respect Your Husband…

  1. I ordered your book. I like it a lot.. I’m trusting God to help me learn how to treat my husband. Your book is what I’m looking for. Thank you Nina.

  2. “model them to your kids” — That’s exactly how my mother lived her entire married life. Consequently, because of her example, EVERYONE loved and admired Dad.

    Don’t get me wrong, my dad was a really good man. But we KNEW that he was a really good man, not only because he was, but because my mother continually treated him that way in front of EVERYONE.

    After she passed away, my dad tearfully shared how loving my mother continually was to him — for example, she often brought him breakfast in bed.

    I saw the stack of Valentine cards they exchanged with each other after he passed away — hot, affectionate stuff!

    • You can select all the text and copy and paste it into Word…we will eventually make it a download. 🙂

  3. As soon as I posted, I remembered the other thing I have been working on: I have seen in my own life and in other women that they feel like after they got married their husband stopped pursuing them, acting romantic,etc compared to the way they were before they got married. I came to the realization that I have not continued to woo my husband, do things for him, be sweet to him, think of things to do for him just because I love him, etc as much either. I decided it was pretty hypocritical for me to expect him to do something I haven’t been doing either. I am stepping up my game.

  4. I agree with all of your comments. When I am in a bad mood and seeing all the ways that my husband hurts me, how awful it is, and how I don’t deserve to be treated that way-that IS all I see. It makes me stew over and over all these things and how nice I have to be to him but it doesn’t matter how he acts to me!
    I grew up going to church and had memorized this verse and heard it over and over: Luke 6:31 Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.
    Just in the last month or so, I came to an understanding that I never had before and have been implementing in myself and with our kids. The verse means act/behave/react to other people the way you want them to act/behave/react to you….here is the kicker…WHETHER OR NOT THEY EVER DO IT TO YOU. In each situation, I am working on asking myself how I would like to be treated and act that way to the other person. I have to do this hundreds of times each day. But, I have already seen improvement in my relationships.

  5. So, is it OK to be honest with you here? I read this post and the “102” ways to respect your husband…. and because of a very heated discussion my husband and I had last night directly relating to the first 10 items on the list, I kinda got mad at you. Like not really mad at you, but the kind of annoyed like — sure, there are women out there who get this junk right. You know what I’m saying 🙂 At any rate — it’s been a tough week full of a BUNCH of emotional stuff unrelated to my marriage, and that pressing, consistent, evil voice keeps shouting at me “This feels so much like you have to treat him like a baby, “be careful how you talk, watch your tone of voice, be sure to smile, don’t roll those eyes, don’t disagree, treat him like a King, give millions of compliments, basically…. baby him, but don’t let him know you’re babying him or he’ll be mad that you’re parenting him.” is he spending his morning reading a list of 101 things for how he should treat you? No, of course he’s not…. but in order to be a good wife who loves Jesus, you have to worship the ground he walks on.”
    Whew… I just needed to get that off my chest. Now I can go back to putting all this is to practice, dying to my pride and selfishness, telling Satan to get behind me, asking my husband for forgiveness, and being the wife God has called me to be.
    Great list!! All of it speaks volumes of respect to men and there is so much wisdom is these words! I love your blog!

    • Girlfriend, I get this!! And I so appreciate your candor!! GOOD JOB slaying the enemy this morning (and not shooting the messenger! 🙂 ) and, for what it is worth, we are ALL trying to get it right but not on a daily basis! We are all sinners…and the “baby” and “king” lies are some of that other guy’s best work. Well done! Glad you are here!!
      Love to you,

    • Thank you Kayla, that’s how I often feel in this process….I press forward, reminding myself that it’s God I’m trying to please & obey. Doing it Gods way transforms me into a better/godly woman (I need that constant right self talk :)) Blessings

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