Can’t Share My Secret…

This weekend, the women from our church got together for a lovely retreat.  At the end of the weekend, there was a public sharing time.  I wanted very much to stand up and talk about what I planned to do as a result of my experience, but did not.

I yearned to unburden myself about something horrible I had been through involving another person.  Something some of my closest friends knew nothing about.  Something I had been told to keep quiet about, to protect someone else.  Something that I felt I was to take action upon as a result of what God showed me at the retreat.  But I did not say a word.

In the “keeping quiet” for protection’s sake, I harbored my secret.

Before we left the weekend, however, I did share, but with just one person.

And it was enough.  I felt better.  She’s praying for me as I do what I feel led to do as a result of the weekend.  I need that now, even if it is only her and my husband that know my struggle.

So today, if you can relate at all to moments when you have chosen to keep quiet for various reasons, I’d love to encourage you to stop over at the link below.  This lovely woman is our Operations Director for our ministry.  And she gets it. 🙂


Glad you are on the journey.

Love to you,


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