Testimony of a Respect Dare Taker…

I want to point out that she is really thanking God – any time we behave like Titus 2 women, Jesus is doing His thing through us.

From Carla:

I wanted to thank you all for being a guiding help in my life….. Just last week my husband and I were at a teen camp with about 40 of our teens from church and another 160 from other churches. I was a counselor and my husband was security (making sure kids were not sneaking out and were where they were supposed to be at all times). One night at about 2 AM there was a knock on my room door, apparently a number of girls from one of the other churches had gone missing (the girls from my church know better!) So there we were our searching for these girls. Myself, my husband and the two other male security guys. After the girls were located and sent back to their room we were all walking through the camp and I said I was going to turn in. My husband said, hold up, I will walk you back. Now it was on the tip of my tongue to remind him that I can completely handle myself and he is aware of that but I paused and was reminded of something I read in your blog about ALLOWING him to take the lead. I think he appreciated the opportunity to be able to do that for me. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance ladies. It really is awesome how God works!

I’m so excited about these “small” stories – tons of small happenings add up to a life changed. Dare you to join us in discovering more peace and joy in your marriage.

Know that your marriage is a CONTEXT through which God works out your relationship with Him…and others… if you do not learn these things here and now, He will keep teaching you, trust that… but why not learn things now, willingly? Those things that plague us now are the ones that will always plague us in relationships – everywhere we go, there we are…

What if the guy you married is just acting like Peter, the morning he denied Christ 3 times? What if we are doing the same? Guess what… we are ALL on a journey – and yes, it is a HARD one when our husbands are not loving us as Christ loves the church. My question to you is this: How long are we going to sit around and complain? How long before we do what we have seen work in bringing peace and joy back into a wife’s heart? How long do we want to remain bitter? How long will we argue with God about what He’s asking us to do? Have you had enough? Are you ready to do something different?

Something special is coming your way next week – and it’s free.

And I want you to consider this a personal invitation from me (and maybe God) to participate.

What if you could take a journey with us through, “Respect 101?”  This is what we call in Daughters of Sarah, “Foundations for Wives.”

Saddle up your horses, (or fasten your seat belt, if you prefer), pack your Bible, and join us this fall on a very special journey.

Okay, you don’t really have to come all the way to Loveland, Ohio. But I like that thought of us all getting together every day over coffee. 🙂

We’ll be “learning the basics” of applied respect – and how it can positively impact your relationship with God, your husband, and your kids… and we will do all this just in time for the new year to start.

The Respect Dare book is being released in December by Thomas Nelson – and we want to help you get ready for the experience if you haven’t done the book yet, or provide a refresher if you need one. Plus, we want to flush out some of the basic information that helps women in their journey. Simple things, like, “What is that submission thing about?”

What if you could be a Titus 2 woman, engaging in ministry, without even leaving your house? We’re interested in your thoughts and input – you’ll have a chance to share your stories, thoughts and examples of what God has done in your life! How cool will that be? Many of you are already doing this on our Facebook® page, so know you already know how to do this! 🙂

Are you living with tweens, teens, or twenty-somethings? We’ll have insights into dealing with them, too!

There are two NEW books in the mix for Greater Impact Ministries, and we are sharing them with you – we want your experience, your feedback, your thoughts, as we share what we have seen work from our training courses. We will be done by December-ish, and won’t do it again, so the time is NOW. 🙂

Let’s become women of influence, wives of noble character, and relationship architects… if you want more out of your life here on planet earth, join us!

Dare you today to ask God if you should be part of this special journey – and subscribe to the blog if you are. That’s how you RSVP, “Yes!”

Double Dog Dare you to find a few friends to invite and share this journey with – maybe even meeting once a week for eight weeks or so to really solidify the experience.

So glad you are here!

Love to you,


titus 2 women leadership

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15 thoughts on “Testimony of a Respect Dare Taker…

  1. I have been following your journey for a bit now…and I like what I see. I have been burned by the whole submission thing but I really am beginning to see that God really did make a good thing. I want to say that when I allow my husband to take care of me (tell him that I need him)instead of being independant, God does good things. I am in for the journey with all you wonderful ladies. God bless!

    • God is in charge, girl! So glad you will be joining us! Be prepared to share your wisdom just like here – GREAT point! 🙂

  2. So how do i join? Just continue reading the blog updates that come to my email? Yes please!
    I so desperately want to figure this thing out and i am sooooooo clueless. Though i try and fail a thousand times i will try try again.

    • I have no idea if it comes through Google Reader…it will be right here, so if you currently get it that way, then yes. 🙂

  3. I CAN do all things through Him who strengthens me … and I am greatly encouraged as I see God at work … I am abundantly blessed through the Respect Dare … this is my ‘second trip’ through the book – twelve months apart … My only regret is that I didn’t ‘get it’ sooner. But in saying that … God’s timing is perfect : )

  4. My knight has a little saying that goes something like this – when it comes to teaching times in our lives God will continue to give us opportunities to learn, they will be hard mountains to climb or low valleys in which we can easily get lost, our goal is to learn the lesson in the first trial. Why wait until the 10th time? Are we really so stubborn or deaf to His speaking in our lives? Oh to hear Him when He whispers instead of waiting until He is calling loudly. I am now officially 1 year on my journey of respecting my husband, so much I have learned and so much I have ignored. Looking forward to Respect 101, praying now for my heart to be softened and my ears to hear the wisdom.

    • YAY! As long as you are “subscribed” to the blog, it will show up in your email! 🙂 Can’t wait! 🙂

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