Getting Your Man (or Men) To Do What You Asked Them To Do…

My teenage son clarified something this week that has, in the past, frequently confused me as a woman. I shared with him how I received an email from someone organizing refreshments for a recital. The email basically said, “If you feel like you want to help, it would be greatly appreciated if you signed up […]

I Need and Want a Strong Loving Man…You?

Yesterday, in one of my son’s high school PEP classes, the teacher discussed an ancient culture. When asked how this very old society viewed women, my son answered correctly, that the culture looked at men as superior because they were physically stronger. He didn’t say he agreed or disagreed with this position, he just simply stated […]

Want Some Gasoline with Your Fire?

“I don’t know what to do,” I whined to my mom. “She keeps going ‘thbbbbbpppt’ in my face and spraying me with spit. I just hate it.” “Slap her,” she said. Shocked at this suggestion, I winced at the thought. “You must slap this girl. Full across the face. HARD. She will keep doing this […]

What’s the Difference between Being Disrespectful and Being Helpful?

We pulled into the church parking lot a few minutes late yesterday. The husband of a friend of ours walked with his kids behind us, calling out to my husband. They were visiting our church. They also weren’t frequent attenders. He and his sons were without his wife, as she was working the weekend. The […]

I Want What I Want When I Want it..You?

Years ago, when I was HR director for a manufacturing company, one of our top candidates was also interviewing at our competitor’s company. I remember the VP of Operations telling me, “Offer him more money. Everyone has their price.” While I can’t remember now if we got the candidate, I do remember that phrase, and […]

Has the D-Word Entered Your Mind?

I spent the first seven years of my marriage jockeying for position. I thought I should be in charge, and just like those before me, I found marriage pathetically lacking and unrewarding. Disappointed, I wondered why. I had it all – nice house (we’d upsized already), fabulous part-time career, awesome social network, sweet little boy, […]