Want to Feel Beautiful?

Last night, the grill had to have the food on it at a certain time, otherwise dinner with family before carting everyone off to their evening music activities wasn’t going to happen.

There just wasn’t any wiggle room, and I asked for help. I was assured I would receive it.

When I returned from chauffeur duty, I soon realized that dinner with family was no longer an option.

For some reason, the grill wasn’t going.

I checked the tank valve and discovered it had been turned completely off.

So I lit the grill. Then I asked him what happened, and he told me.

The flames refused to emerge when he pushed the grill lighter button, so my husband assumed the gas wasn’t going to the grill. So he turned the valve the other direction – and successfully lit the grill.

He’s lit the grill a bazillion times.

But for some reason, the grill acted strangely this time.

And in response, so did I.  Ten years ago, I would have had a small hissy fit over this.

And been ugly in my response to him…which makes us wives hard to look at…

But the Holy Spirit intervened…

I merely said, “Oh, how odd…okay.” And that was it.

35 minutes later, when the meal was finished cooking, I threw plastic forks onto plastic plates along with the two kids who had to leave, and they ate in the car. My husband and other son ate together while I chauffeured again.

And this morning, I popped a Butterbraid® into the oven for breakfast for the crew.

My 15 year old let me know that I didn’t actually turn on the oven, but that he did…

God has a sense of humor!

And likes to remind us that judgment is His alone, not ours.

In the rare occurrences where I actually demonstrate grace (and OH! How I want more of that, more of His Son in me!!), immediately following, He’ll show me how I’m no better than any of the people that live on this planet.

The only thing I have that some of them don’t is His Son – which is everything.

It’s peace and joy in the midst of difficulty. It’s perspective instead of pain in the middle of heartache, and it’s love where there should be anger. And it’s comfort where there could be consternation. And grace instead of condemnation.

And I absolutely love it that I received it from a family member, especially one of my kids.

Might not seem like a huge thing to you, but the average day is filled with gobs of little things that if viewed through the lens of the Holy Spirit, could be very Big Things, indeed.

Love to you, and thanks for being on the journey. I write where I feel led…hopefully we’ll be back to Proverbs tomorrow. J For now, I leave you with this: 1 Corinthians 13

Dare you to Love today, to be Him to a hurting world. J

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