Want More Confidence?

Ever have someone say something that totally catches you off guard? 

And then not know how to respond? 

I was chatting recently with a friend of mine and she totally surprised me.

“I wish I could be like you – you are fearless,” she told me.

As I listened, I caught my mouth agape. “What?! Why do you say that?” I asked.

Literally floored by her comment, I realized hadn’t considered anyone else’s perceptions for quite some time.

“You don’t care what anyone thinks, and you just seem like you know what you are doing. You’ll do what’s right and you seem to always know what that is,” she replied.


While I understood what she meant, I also realized she wasn’t correct.

Human perception is deceiving.

I care very much about what Abba Father thinks.

And sometimes, like yesterday, when I fainted in public, I get embarrassed.

And I really don’t know what the next right thing is.

But He does.

And while I fully realize that He absolutely loves me and is delighted with me, even when I fail to keep His commandments (which, btw, is daily), pleasing Him is my number 1 priority in life.

Even though I have moments during the day where one would never know that.

Because I’m human.

So I told her the Truth and that was very simply this: “I am as bad as they come, baby. My heart is filled with pride and selfishness, just like everyone else’s. Please understand that any good you see here is HIM – and I’m thankful that somehow I’ve managed to stay out of His way long enough for you to see Him, but believe me, if you look at my heart, it’s a disaster. We really aren’t any different.”

“Well, you DO choose to obey Him, so that’s to your credit… and I want what you have,” she said.

Oh, careful…

“Thanks for your kind words, but honestly, I can’t even do that on my own,” I replied. “I had to ASK Him to help me even want to be with Him. I had to ASK Him to help me want to live my life for Him. But the neat thing is He always answers that prayer with a ‘YES!’ and He’ll do that for you, too. It’s not something special reserved for a select few – this is available to all of us. Just ask Him.”

So as I read Proverbs 9 this morning, I reflected on the contrasts between wisdom and folly, and from several perspectives – can you see them? Note also the numbering of the verses and the corresponding content…interesting to say the least! There seems to be a center section, and distinct separation between the two women, that contrasts them equally. Hmmm…

He wants us to be wise. And that’s there for all of us who live life for The Audience of One.

Just ask.

But know where it comes from when He gives it to you, because He doesn’t take too kindly to our taking credit for the things He does in us. J Verse 10 is mighty powerful in that regard…

Essentially, He tells us to come to the edge.

Then He tells us to jump.

And then He gives us wings, and we don’t fall, we fly.

But will we do more than peer over the edge? Will we ASK and take a leap of faith?

I dare ya!


Double-dog-dare you to subscribe above and continue on this journey. I’m so thankful for those of you who are already here!

Love to you,


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