After having a very minor surgical procedure done today, I quite unglamorously fainted at the doctor’s office.

Having skipped breakfast (and lunch) and just grabbed a power bar as I was driving to the appointment, I didn’t realize that the lack of food would literally cause me to fall.

And yes, I was embarrassed.

And yes, I should have known better.

Because it’s a common sense thing, especially given that I know a lot about nutrition.

And then I realized that my embarrassment and my irritation at myself for doing something I should have known better about, were both PRIDE.

When reading Proverbs 8, I’m struck by how blatant God is about choosing to follow and obey Him. It’s right – it’s smart – it’s WISE. And He’s equally blatant about His attitude about our going our own way…He HATES that.


There’s not a day that goes by now where I’m not coming face-to-face with the depth and breadth of my own pride. I used to think conceit was something that would be obvious to others – but it’s much deeper than that.

Pride is also independence and disobedience.


Hoping to remain upright in future days.

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Dare you today to ask God to reveal your pride to you within and outside of your marriage and parenting.

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Thankful to be on the journey with you,


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