Too Many Friends…

Like nearly every other secular teen girl at the time, my heart ached to be someone else.

We scoped each other out and measured ourselves against what we saw.

So-and-so’s long, curly, flowing, hair emulated perfection. Another’s parents’ money dressed her in the latest fashion (which the time mainly consisted of bell bottom jeans and a big comb in the back pocket). Yet another’s eyelashes forced us to attempt the same look with tube after tube of mascara…

I literally can’t think of a time when I’ve been as miserable. And literally everyone around me focused on and talked about the same things: other people.

And then I met Cinda.

In college.

Not only did she not seem to care about anyone else’s appearance, she did something I didn’t know college students did.

She went to church.

She was in a wheel chair, the result of driving while searching on the floor for a small container of chocolate ice cream.

And she was beautiful, inside and out. And didn’t give a rip about what other people thought of her.

She made a good friend – and she reflected the glory of God in the day to day of her life. At the time, I didn’t know what made her different. But it was Him that I saw.

So today, as you read Proverbs 18, I dare you to evaluate your friendships. Some of them should be “mentoring” types – others are there for your own support – and if you are missing a few, well, whose fault is that? Dare you to do something about it.

I believe we should model our relationships after Christ – He had His three (Peter, James, John) that were part of His earthly “tight” friends. He had about nine more friends that were closer than “acquaintances” and then he had gobs of people he met, knew, loved. If you are married, one of your “three” should be your spouse. Don’t try to turn your husband into your best girlfriend, however, as that doesn’t usually work too well. The other two should be people who can be there and help you – I’d suggest in a “growing” sort of way.

And most of all, start your day with the Friend that sticks closer than a brother. J

Glad to be on the journey with you!





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4 thoughts on “Too Many Friends…

  1. Neely – find a MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group – it will help you connect with a ton of Christian and seeking moms. Another idea is a women’s Bible study at a local church. Praying you find your godly girlfriend… 🙂

  2. Having moved to a new city this has been such a challenge to me, especially with 2 littles and I will be starting to do preschool homeschooling this fall. Thank you for the dare. The mentor one is definitely one I’m looking for as is a great godly girlfriend.

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