The Respect Dare… and a little blessing.

My husband walked into the kitchen two days ago and apologized.  Apparently he had said something to me earlier in the day that he viewed as unloving, and he felt the need to apologize for it. 

What’s amazing is that I didn’t even remember him saying it. 

So, ten years ago, I would have not only remembered it, but would have let him know in no uncertain terms how he had hurt my feelings, disappointed me, AND (probably) set a bad example for our children.  Funny how God really doesn’t need my help in coaching my husband after all…

While I wish I had known something that simple in the first ten years of my marriage, I realize now that I wouldn’t be able to relate with the too-many women just like me who struggle with these things. 

So join me this week, staying out of God’s way while He does His thing (and perfectly, I might add) with the hub!

Love to you,


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