The Respect Dare … and a fine example of faith

I listened in awe as the police officer described the incident. “I thought he didn’t have a gun, I was running after him with my tazer, and all of a sudden he just bends over and pulls out a pistol and fires at me from about 4 feet. I thought, ‘Lord, no!’ and then realized I hadn’t been shot, so I tazed him, and put him in cuffs. It was as though the Lord had picked me up, or moved me or something.”

She’s one of many remarkable individuals that make up our country’s servants. Getting out of bed, leaving your kids and spouse to go risk your very life protecting people you don’t even know just blows me away as a concept. And I’m sure I’ll never have to deal with any of the hardships she has to face on any given day. Her behavior reminds me of Christ – He knowingly walked into suffering and death for us.

A friend of mine having a tough time in her marriage recently asked how God could allow suffering, and I said, “There are a number of reasons, but mainly because few things accomplish growth in an individual like pain, and few things bring glory to God like someone else toughing out a situtation and hanging onto their faith in an admirable way during suffering.”

The man, Job, in the Bible, refused to denounce God. The guy lost all his property, his servants, even all 10 of his children, all on the same day. He wasn’t aware that the enemy had made a wager with God that he could make him fall, but even without the knowledge of that to spur him on, he still refused to denounce his Lord. “Shall we accept good from God but not trouble?” he asked. Tremendous wisdom in that statement – do we cling to God because He is our “santa” and we want only His blessings? Do we follow Him only for the prize at the end?

We need to evaluate our faith continuously to keep growing in it. I could have said to my dad, “I’ll be your daughter and hang out with you because I’m interested in the inheritance at the end of your life,” which is kind of like saying, “I’ll become a Christian because I want to go to heaven. My dad would have wanted more than that. Our God wants authentic relationship with us, too. Sometimes we only learn to trust Him by weathering a storm with Him at our side.

The saddest thing I see is Christians who walk away from their faith when it gets tested. We endure some sort of pain and we bail, thinking God has abandoned us, when in fact, He’s helping us learn: 1) the consequences of our own stupid choices that we could have avoided if we’d just listened to Him in the first place; 2) how to cling to Him and trust Him to take care of the situation; 3) that He is in control and we’re not; or 4) how to be an example to others.

Few things bring glory to God more than Christian people finding God’s goodness in a rotten situation and focusing on that. Few things bring glory to God more than Christian people walking through hardships relying on God, trusting Him to prevail.

Bottom Line: When the going gets tough, get on your knees. Your faith will grow!



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3 thoughts on “The Respect Dare … and a fine example of faith

  1. I thank Janie who sent me to your site andyour article on Faith was so true for alot of people I know. I am also a sister in Christ to Patty and the friend she is talking about.She will need losts of prayer going through emotional healing.
    I wish I would of had your article for a friend back home who has given up on God since his Brother passed away several yrs ago(adult Leukemia) I tried but could not get it explained right .He was and still is angry about why God made his brother and family suffer so much.I saw him this summer and see satan moving in little by little. But am going to print out your article and send it to him and his wife since today I found out her father is dying and probly won’t make it through the week.
    I Thank the Lord for giving you the words I needed for my friends .The Lords good timing!

  2. Thank you, Nina!!!! your story of faith hit right at home, I have a very dear friend who had a very bad thing happen to her this last week, and she held strong to her faith that help her get through the situation without any “physical” trauma or scares, but she will have some emotional “mental” traumas to deal with but with her very strong faith and leaning on OUR FATHER I know she will endure and with prayer from all of us, so could you please lift her and her family up in prayer during your prayer time it would mean so very much, Thank you again.
    I have to thank my other very good friend, Janie for introducing your web page to me.
    God Bless you in all you do!!!
    In Christ’s Awesome Love,
    A Sister in Christ,

    • Patty –

      It’s a privilege to pray for your friend. Give lots of hugs to my beautiful friend, Janie!


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