the respect dare … and His blessings

After the morning run today, and after filling my head (and heart) with His Word, I rested near our garden pond and listened to the water cascading over the rocks into the water.  Glancing back toward the house, I caught an interesting reflection in the large bay windows.  The reflection of a large stand of trees behind our house filled the windows, and as the breeze blew the branches around, I could catch small glimpses of sunlight breaking through the leaves.  What amazed me was how blindingly bright these pinpricks of light were, so much so in fact, that I couldn’t even look at them for more than a second. 

It occured to me in that moment two things; first, our minds can only partially comprehend even the smallest portion of God’s glory, and when we see it, it’s often blinding and we cannot keep our gaze upon it.  More on that in a moment.  Second, even a reflection of His glory (what we are designed to be) can have that kind of impact. 

Regarding the first point, I think of John.  He knew Jesus.  He walked, ate, served, and prayed with him for three years, and yet in Revelation, when John saw Jesus in His glory, what was his response?  He fell on his face, overwhelmed with the glory of God in Jesus.  Even a guy classified as one of Jesus’ tight friends could only comprehend so much.  And what He saw blew him away.  I also think of Saul who became Paul.  His encounter with the risen Jesus left him blinded.  And the transformation in his life was obvious – from persecutor to follower. 

In thinking about the second point, I believe it is directly connected to the first.  In other words, are our own lives so transformed by our relationship with the living God, that we are a blinding reflection of His character, love, goodness and power?  Are we daily stepping outside our comfort zone because of what He has done for us – or are we still stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity, drowning in our own covetous nature, focusing on the things of this world, living a “safe” little life?  Or are we taking risks for His glory and fulfilling the purposes He has planned for us while we’re on this little rock? 

And in our marriages, are we choosing to risk it all by following God’s Word, completely, wholely forever, or do we decide to “give this respect thing a try,” then give up when it’s still hard three days, three weeks, three months or three years later?  Honestly, it took nearly seven years for me to be able to look back and see the difference that God has made through the application of respect in our marriage.  The transformation?  Going from being good friends to deeply intimate confidantes who are permanently and irrevocably committed to each other.

Bottom Line:  The race is long.  Run it well, knowing it isn’t over until the day of your last breath this side of heaven.

Dare you to ask God to reveal to you and confirm His purpose for your life. 

Double-dog-dare you to follow it.



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  1. You do write with passion, insight and a compass that points the reader directly to truth. God’s has given you a precious gift and I enjoy being able to receive it.


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