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Maybe you've done Daughters of Sarah or The Respect Dare and are looking to keep growing. Maybe you want to have a healthy relationship with God, yourself, and others and are having trouble discerning what the Truth is from all the messages out there.

Do you wonder about submission, or having healthy boundaries? Join us. We're following the One Who has the answers (and it's not me, BTW! LOL!).

I am so glad you are here!

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Can I trouble you to please pray?

get ready daughters coming

Friends, I humbly come to you today asking for prayer. My computer is toast and my new one arrives in a few weeks - in the mean time, I am using my son's Chromebook - it's covered with graffiti art - and it has no storage. At least I have internet. What this means is that the next step in Continue Reading

Where to Start When You’re Wounded…

Dare 4 Are You…You? I realize that’s a crazy sounding title. “Are you… you?” As in, am I harboring multiple personalities? Am I someone else? Huh? No… not what I mean. (and heads up - you may want to break this one into a few days! :) ) Here’s the thing: all of us are wounded; all of us Continue Reading

Who do you think you are?

Being self-aware results in respect for

Dare 3 Who Do You Think You Are? While you’ve been reading and responding in this dare, you’ve had hundreds of little thoughts running through your head. Some have been about yourself, some are about me, about guys, girls, your parents, your friends, what’s due at work or school tomorrow… the list Continue Reading

New Dare Journey Dare #2: Identity

When I wrap up my identity in how God(4)

How do we have such a healthy identity in Christ that we're able to respect ourselves? And teach our daughters to do the same? One of the things we’re going to talk a lot about in this journey (where we started here) is our relationship with ourselves. I know that sounds a little weird, Continue Reading

New Dare Journey – Got Expectations?


As promised, today we begin our new dare journey - it's for any woman, married or not, of any age. You can find the back story here. Invite friends. I can't wait to get started! :) I'm looking at this as "Respect 101 - Respecting God, Ourselves, and Others" Dare 1 Got Expectations? A gangly Continue Reading

Ever fail your kid?


Tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized the truth. I said to her, "You are the woman I love most on this planet, how can I not help you?" I'd spent 30 minutes trying to put into words exactly what our ministry DOES. Women all over the country have been launching Daughters of Sarah classes, and Continue Reading

The Parenting Risk You Want to Take

3 Reasons We're Lousy At Loving God &(2)

I sat next to him while he drove. Wise teen-man-boy-something-awesome guy that emerges daily anew. Discussing priorities with him. You know, the ones where you try hard to create life balance out of the bazillion things you want/have/need to do? And I took a risk. Might seem small here, Continue Reading

You Won’t Believe What God Did This Morning…

Dare you to stop building walls in your

Last night, I went to the drive way and proceeded to pull my lemon tree back into the house. I forgot about the lip on the garage floor. So I had a whole conversation with myself (ever do that? :) ) I thought, "I've done this before, I can probably lift it... but my hands still hurt, so maybe Continue Reading

Are You Causing Problems in Your Marriage?

Causing Defensiveness- (1)

To think that we might be causing some of the problems in our marriage should shake us to the core. Like I said to my two teenagers yesterday, "Both of you are contributing to this." I'm not off the hook, either. I know I am responsible for my share of the problems in my own relationships. Let's Continue Reading

Afraid Your Kids Will End up in Hell?

cowgirl not alone

  What parent doesn't lie awake at night sometimes wondering (or freaking out) about whether their kids will end up in hell? It's the last thing we want. It's the first thing we think of when our kids reach that "age of discernment" when they know about God, and we wonder if they Continue Reading