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Maybe you've participated in Daughters of Sarah and are looking for a place to see what other women have learned. Possibly you have read or completed The Respect Dare as a small group and are looking for ongoing encouragement. And just maybe, you found this completely by chance but like what you see.

We're learning together about what God has for us in relation to respecting our husbands. It's a journey - a marathon, not a sprint. It's a transition of thought from what we see all around us to what we see in God's word. It's a uniquely feminine opportunity to speak love to our husbands in a way that they hear best and the way they want to hear from us - through respect.

This blog is for wives wanting to learn more about respect, but more importantly, about how to do what God has uniquely for them to do in marriage.

You can connect with us in all kinds of ways. Look around. Subscribe. Follow us on social media. And interact. We love hearing from women!

I am so glad you are here with us.


“Giving” Him Sex…

I had a number of really interesting conversations with people online about the suggestions from yesterday for women who are having a hard time getting help around the house from the people they live with.  We talked specifically about kids and husbands. What was of particular interest to me was the topic of sex as […]

STOP Doing it All…


I felt his hand on my hip and stirred awake. Glancing at the clock, I sighed. 5:33am. Too early. No wonder I hurt everywhere. Joints stiff and sore, I shifted for a more comfortable position.  Remnants of drowsiness rapidly escaped as the pain shot through my body.  Not off to a good start, this day. […]

A Small Request…

We’re back in studio today to finish the taping for Daughters of Sarah Part 1 – the first seven weeks of the video program. Will you please pray that all goes well? We’re thankful for your prayers. This is a big month for us, obviously, with the last work being completed. And don’t forget that […]

YOU are Invited…

what works in marriage workshop

My pulse quickened and my breath caught when I hit “post” on Facebook this morning. I put up the announcement below: And while I wish we had childcare, we don’t – the money just isn’t there for that this time. And while I wish we could serve you lunch and coffee, we can’t. Same situation. But the […]

When I Stumble…

whatever we pay attention to grows kids

I’m sorry. It’s been a week. Just know when I’m not blogging, the enemy is running rampant. I’m surprised and wiser now, hope to talk about it sooner, versus later. And, thanks to a technology glitch, we’ve of course had no access to our prayer team when we need them most. And the enemy’s been […]